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Print solutions for today's MiniLabs and Large Format FineArt media

Narval DryLab Console V2

A tiny but yet powerful minilab printing application for small businesses


You can reach everything by 1-click on a perfectly organized layout. Intuitive, easy to understand and everybody can learn it within minutes.

MiniLab compatibility

Compatible with almost every kind of printer, but designed to use with Fuji (DX100, DE100) and Epson (D570, D700, D10x0) minilabs.
Can handle multiple printers.

Small footprint

The whole application size is less than 15MB.
It runs flawlessly on an old, cheap, ten years old workstation.
Tiny application with huge power!

Color Management

The whole workflow is fully color-managed. Read and use monitor and printer ICC profiles.

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Other products

Perfect your B&W FineArt prints with our Linearization profile!

Today's calibration softwares completely ignores BW prints and its calibration.

We create an application with printable targets to check your BW print's linearization and if needed, improve it.

Few easy steps and your prints look like professional artwork! Just print our targets, measure it with any spectrophotometer and save the results in a CGATS text file.
You need to upload this text file into our site and we will create you an ICC V4.4 compliant Device Link profile with the correction curve.

These profiles include floating point data in addition to the default 16-bit values!

Now you can apply those profiles to your image!

Custom Development

Our first custom work was the DryLab Console, which has now grown into a complete MiniLab printing solution.

If you are searching for a skilled engineer and/or programmer in this topic, we can probably do what you need. Hire us!
C# and .NET, from Windows WPF to BLAZOR web-applications.

E-mail: info { at } narvalLabs { dot } com

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