DryLab Console V2

If you are searching for a small, affordable, lightweight, easy-to-use printing solution for your MiniLab(s), this is what you need!
Download the installer: without registration, it is 100% identical with the full version, the only restriction is that you can load only 4 pictures at once.
Product registration available through Client's Area.

Windows SmartScreen may pop up a blue alert window about an unknown publisher.
You have to click 'More info', then "Run anyway".

Main features

Windows Compatible

Compatible with MS Windows 8, 10 & 11.
Only 64-bit systems supported.

Real colors

Show images through the default monitor ICC profile.

Multiple MiniLabs

Can handle multiple, different MiniLabs

Printer ICC profiles

Read all kind of ICC profiles for your printer

Soft proof

Support ICC soft proofing: you can see how your prints look like

Tooltips, Infos

Lots of small information (sizes, cuts, EXIF), you can immediately check them.
Tooltips for every function.

Rapidly fast

You can print immediately, no additional spoolers, organizers involved.

Unique size prints

You can set up custom length for each picture.

Fast color adjustment

Colors, vibrance, black&white, brightness and contrast adjustment, with additional tools like levels and exposure


You can rotate, scale and move the image on canvas with one click!
Fit/Fill function is located near the paper size dialog box.

Thumbnail Viewer

Thumbnail Viewer panel always active, you can also change the size of the thumbnails itself.

Hundreds of images

You can load hundreds of images

Apply to selection

You can apply your image adjustment settings to all of the images or to the selected ones.

Master settings

Adjust master exposure level for all prints, as well as output image type format and output DPI size.

Test real-time speed

There is a built-in speed test, which recommends image viewer settings for smooth image processing.

Inch vs Centimeter

Imperial or metric units

Save and load orders

Every print order is automatically saved in our order files. You can load them later if you need more prints.


You can add any background color from a palette or use the Eyedropper to get a color from the picture itself.

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